Q-Base Raveolution

Posted: September 18, 2011 in All Reviews, Q-Base Raveolution Review

To start of as usual we got very lost and missed various trains but rather then wasting your time explaining exactly how bad we screwed up again, I’ll just do a quick sum up. We missed our train from Neuss and met another Aussie named Mike who also missed the train. Then the stupid German train stations were not clear on which platform the train was leaving from. We checked the machine it said platform 2, someone else said platform 1, when it actually left from platform 8. In the end there were 7 of us from Australia, Spain, and Germany that were all confused as hell as to what was going on and now we were running late for Q-Base, so we all chipped in and got a maxi taxi. Which cost us $130 (Euro) between us all and we got there quicker then the train because the cab drive was awesome and decided to go on average about 160km/h reaching a top of 180km/h.


Now the real story starts. On the way we did realise that it was in the middle of no where. As we arrived at Q-Base at about 5:30pm (started at 5:00) we were walking towards the entrance and the whole place was surrounded by giant corn fields, with actual big corn cobs on them, which I noticed a lot of people running through and using as a tranquil place to urinate. Once past the crops we entered the VIP entrance which had special VIP locker room, saving us from fighting with hundreds of people in the morning. We headed out into the open world of Q-Base. First we went to the merchandise stand to grab our gear before it got snapped up. There was some really cool shirts and jumpers for sale but we needed to contain ourselves considering that we have polished off almost half of our money so far and we have only been here 3 weeks. As we were getting served the lady serving us recognised us from Mysteryland (this seems to be happening a lot from the staff at events) we just decided to get a T-shirt each because they are much cheaper. Then back to the locker to stow our merchandise.

We started to head over to hanger to see Wasted Penguins which Tegan, Mike and I were all very excited to see since we had never seen them before. We started walking towards the hanger walking past the stage TILT by A2 records which was in a smaller hanger. By the time we got there it was 5:45pm so we only caught the last 15 minutes of them. The stage “Hanger” was awesome as the name suggests it as just a giant hanger converted to a “Rave Cave”. It was very large and had a big pulsing circle thing with the Q-Base symbol on the middle. We headed up the back to check out the VIP stage that was 2 levels above the ground so you could see everything. As we were listening to wasted penguins Mike headed off to get drinks. While he was gone an Englishmen who did interviews for q-dance.nl approached us for an interview, so we headed outside with him and he did a quick interview. He asked questions like “Why we came? How long we have been raving for?” and so on. By the time we finished Wasted Penguins was almost done and we had also lost Mike. The next DJs on our list to see was D-Block & S-Te-Fan (DBSTF) so off we went to main stage.

Hanger *

The thing we really loved about this event as opposed to Mysteryland and Decibel, was the fact that is was much smaller,taking only 10 minutes to get to main stage. Once we got to there we were a bit confused at first making sure we were actually at main stage because we were a bit disappointed that main stage “Open Air” was really quite small and honestly a little boring for a Q-Dance main stage. We are used to seeing very big and extravagant and as you can see from the picture it wasn’t.                                                   Open Air (Mainstage)

One very interesting thing about Q-Base and main stage was that you could actually just look through the surrounding fence and see the functioning Airport Weeze right next to us with planes arriving and departing. It would have been quite a sight to see if you were flying once it was dark with all the lasers up in the air and thousands of people scattered. DBSTF just came on one good thing was that there was a lot of room right up the front. The crowd wasn’t shoulder to shoulder so you could actually move and shuffle! DBSTF had and absolutely amazing set dropping a Hardstyle remix of “Exploration Of Space – Cosmic Gate” one of my favourite trance tracks and everyone really enjoyed it. Some of the mixes these guys did were astonishing mixing 2 – 3 tracks at a time, putting in just small clips of songs but returning to the previous melody. For example; mixing “Loopmachine” with “Gangsta – Tat & Zat” and then going straight into “Rockin’ Your Mind”.

                                                   D-Block & S-Te-Fan @ Open Air *

Next up was SHOWTEK! First time Showtek has played at a Q-Dance event since Xqlusive Showtek back in 2008. Every time I had tried to see Showtek in Australia something unavoidable happened forcing me to miss them. So finally after years I was about to see Showtek LIVE. As they came on, the crowd almost doubled, going wild as soon as it was announced that Showtek were coming on stage. It was just starting to get dark at this stage so some more of the lights were coming on. As I’ve noticed from a few videos lately of Showtek is that Duro like to come down and MC a lot of the time while Walt stays up the top and DJs. This works really well because he really knows how to get the crowd going wild. For example; one of the songs they played “The Bottle – Showtek Remix” Duro made the entire crowd sit on the ground and as the beat drop came in made everyone jump up and go insane. I have seen this before at heavy metal gigs but not ever at a rave it was unreal seeing the whole crowd spanning back more the 50m sitting down. Showtek also love to drop a few dubstep songs in the middle like “Cinema – Skrillex Remix” and not everyone over here likes dubstep but who cares we do and it was awesome! They also played there new song “Music On My Mind”, it looked like not everyone knew it, but we did and went crazy to it. After which they threw in a couple of live mixes of songs like “We Own The Night” and also dropping there very old but still very much a favourite Defqon.1 Anthem “Colours of Hardstyle” to finish off.
                                                   Showtek @ Open Air *        

We headed to Ambassador Inc. at Hanger to find Mike again. Ambassador Inc. were only playing for 30 minutes and some how were outside talking to people for so long that when we walked in, they were just thanking them for playing, don’t ask me how we managed that. We thought we may as well stay where we were and catch 30 minutes of Psyko Punks before we headed over to Hardcore Italia for Unxist’s set.

                                                   Psyko Punkz @  Hanger

I hadn’t listened to that much Unxist before but I’d heard a lot about him and also we were supposed to meet our friend Davy (who we met at Decibel ) we didn’t find him in the end. Unxist played the most filthy hardcore set I think I’ve ever heard at a rave, it felt like being punched in the brain continuously for the 1 ½ hour set he played, it was great! Not long after he finished off with “F**k The System” and we headed back to hanger for Ran-D’s set.

                                                   Hardcore Italia *

Ran-D’s last set at Mysteryland was insane so I had quite high expectations of him and once again he didn’t let me down. Dropping tracks like“Gold (Bioweapon remix)” and “Rebirth” which hands down had the best laser show we saw the entire night! Straight after Ran-D we were buggered but there was still so many artists to see, like Art Of Fighters (AOF)!                                                    Amazing Light Show @ Hanger *

We still ended up going to see AOF but decided that we would sit on the hill so we could still see, hear and enjoy it all properly. They were playing all there big hits, which I’m really loving over here considering that there are a lot of artists I haven’t seen in Australia and they are still playing all my favourites. They played “Symphony Of The Dead”, “Art Of Fighters” and “The Beat Wont Change” to name a few and of coarse the Dominator Anthem of this year which was also by AOF “Nirvana Of Noise” and the crowd went wilder to that song then any other I had seen during the day!

                                                    Hardcore Italia *

We also happened to stubble into A2′s set getting mixed up with The R3bels, then eventually making it to The R3bels only to go straight back to the Tilt area to see B-front. There was a lot of backwards and forwards throughout the night, but that was the best part about Q-Base, it was so small (compared to Mysteryland) that if you went to the wrong arena then it was ok just walk back to the other one. Instead of wasting an hour trying to get to the correct arena. During B-Front’s set we sat down on some grass under some trees trying to re-cooperate a little from the past few hours before we heading to Korsakoff at 5:15am until 7:00. We all figured that we need to save ourselves for her because she always plays such a MEAN set and thank god we did sit for that time!                                                                       Q-Dance!

By the time we got to main stage she was just coming on. I was still a bit tired and felt a bit lazy. She opened with “Rebottled” and straight away might heart started pumping at full ball again and I knew I was going to be in for some pain during this set. The next song up was “Words From The Gang (Korsakoff Remix)”, after which she played some newer songs I hadn’t heard before but it was still great and it gave me a little bit of a rest. We were right up the front for this point and luckily we invested in earplugs earlier in the day because it was so loud you could feel inside your ear rattle even with the earplugs in. Our hearing (especially mine) is already pretty damaged from other events that I need to keep what I’ve got left intact. We still got that awesome bass but not as much damage to our ears. Just when I thought I was going to get in a little rest in and the she goes and drops “Voice Of Mayhem” my favourite Hardcore track of all time. I danced harder then, then I had the entire day. I’ve actually got sore elbows this week from fist pumping so hard. I was so damn happy and the best part was there was still about 40minutes left of her set and still dropping hit after hit including “Odious” and finally “Pink Noise!”. Korsakoff is one of the nicest DJ’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting face to face and she is constantly waving to specific people in the crowd giving them the heart symbol with her hands or blowing kisses. The end of Korsakoff’s set was imminent and the last song she decided to play was in German and was so fast it was pretty much “Terror” but everyone else seemed to know it and they went insane Gabbering and kicking their legs around it was a great sight considering it was 7:00am in the morning and light.

After it was all done we headed to the locker to meet back up with Mike because he went to go see B-Front in Hanger for the lasers, which were better there then at main stage. He said they were even better then Ran-D’s lasers which now I kinda wish I’d seen but there was no way I would have missed Korsakoff’s set. As the entire crowd stubbled out of the Airport we all made it to the buses (some more coherent then others), there is always a few that just have no clue what’s up or down. Surprisingly we actually got back to Dusseldorf very easily unlike our way there. One month of events down only five more to go!

By Tim Hunt

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X-Qlusive Italy!

*Above Pictures Provided By Q-dance.nl

  1. Xabi says:

    Nice review! At the entrance of Q-Base I saw an Australian flag, now I see most likely it was you! Greets from Spain!!

  2. Xabi says:

    Just seen both of you appear in this aftermovie!

  3. haha thats awesome! thanx for finding that

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